31 May 2016: Lundy Canyon

Author: Paige Tambini

CA: Mono Co: Lundy Canyon

Today was a beautiful day, tromping around the fairy tale lands of Lundy Canyon. After our morning routine at camp, we headed out to the beaver pond at the bottom of the Canyon. We looked at the network of dams and logs made by illusive beavers and gazed into the rocky mountain sides, searching for Bighorn Sheep. Mayra spotted one! The rest of us missed it, but did get to see a Bald Eagle and a Golden Eagle Nest, nestled  in a distant rock face; magical. We ate lunch a little farther up the road at the edge of another pond and listened to Ryan’s mom tell us about her experiences being one of the first women to work in national parks. What an amazing woman! After lunch, we were let loose to explore and spin the wheel on our own. Some of us walked the trail, parking at various serene locations along the way. Some took the trail all the way to the end, finding ourselves at the roaring foot of Mill Creek’s main stretch of waterfalls. We could trace the water all the way up to it’s snowy origins, melting in this spring heat high above us.

Twisting, gnarled aspen groves lined the trail in some places, evidence of the weight of winter snow. In other areas dandelions and grasses invited us to sit by still pools of glacial water. The lazy afternoon felt like a dream.  Many of us got a chance, at some point or another, to take a dip. The ice cold, clear water was revitalizing to say the least. Also, painful, but yes, revitalizing. Chris spotted a herd of Bighorn Sheep on the South facing slope! There were five, all males. Their huge curling horns were so majestic. Most of us got a chance to check them out through the spotting scope before it was time to leave around 5:00pm. Back at camp we battled the no-see-ums and ate Mingo’s yummy spaghetti special. Around the fire afterwards we learned Edeli present on the Paiutes who had travelled and flourished in their region before the gold rush. Tonight the stars are bright, this beautiful day is behind us and we’re ready for another one tomorrow!