30 May 2016: A day with Bartshe

Mono Lake Committee
Brick- Squad Killas

Author: Max Taus

CA: Mono Co: DeChambeau Creek – Rush Creek

Today our group made our way to a few of the Mono Lake tributaries and discussed in more depth the history of their use and abuse with Bartshe. He talked to us about peak flows and their role in restoration efforts, the people responsible for the continued existence of Mono Lake, and how people should continue to protect it. Halfway through, we swam in Rush Creek and later stopped in the diversion ditch at the head of Rush Creek, where Grant Lake reservoir was located and got a visual for spatial orientation. Towards the end of the presentation a swarm of bees heading North flew through our group; while I was busy swatting at Blue-tongued punkies and small black ants, which were incessantly nibbling at my toes. We later explored the South tufa region and learned about its history as a bomb testing site for the Navy. Afterwards the class headed home for grub,where we all munched on some lentil soup and were blessed with Breck and Martha’s presence. Breck later described to me how when he first took F. Q. in its second year of existence, before it was a 15 unit class and before UCSC had established an ENVS department, that he had dropped one class and flunked the other in order to fully immerse himself in the course. That evening, Corey led a philosophy discussion around the fire for his presentation, which transitioned into a few of us giving an interpretation of the new Star Wars.