27 May 2016: Carson- Iceberg Wilderness

Author: Emily Barnett

CA: Alpine Co: Carson- Iceberg Wilderness: Disaster Creek Trail

Today we drove out to the end of Clark Creek Road and had student presentations near the border of the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness. After presentations we were given the freedom to explore the area.

Natural History team presentation (on Funky Friday)

One group went up the Disaster Creek Trail and had some fun with snow patches. Other groups formed together to look for birds, some went and sat under trees in the meadow to contemplate for forest, and others went on a mission to key plants. Throughout the day big chunks of clouds were drifting through the valley over us. Only once did we get enough rain drops to warrant moving to more tree cover in attempt to keep the Jepsons dry. Once we got back to camp, individuals continued to naturalize while some others formed a small bird-crew hunt for Sierra birds.

Looking for the lincoln sparrow around Iceberg meadow
The ladies and Dr. Snow V (photo by: Mayra Zarate)
Tessa and the Iceberg (photo by: Tessa Snyder)