11 May 2016: Whooty whooty whoooo

Fox Creek Lodge here we come!

CA: Santa Cruz- Mendocino Co: Angelo Coast Range Reserve: Fox Creek Lodge

Our day began in Santa Cruz, we started out strong as we only had one catastrophe to start out! Danielle’s seatbelt didn’t have a bottom strap, so rather than going for the rest of the trip without a belt, she opted to change cars. From then on, the day went rather smoothly! Mayra saw humpback whales spouting off Highway 1 & Santana-Pod purchased a secret Funky Friday item at the Dollar Store. But we finally arrived at the Angelo Coast Range¬†Reserve and posted up in the field station. After a group meeting and a cargo van unloading, we all ran to the river. There, we found many river species including lampreys, caddisfly larvae and even a couple of snakes wrigglin’ around up in there. After we got our fill of the water nymph lifestyle, we returned to the cabin where the cook crew had prepared a lovely meal of spaghetti aglio e olio, which consisted of a garlic sauce pasta with apple-sausage and a dijon salad.

Lizard Liz

After filling our bellies, we assemble by a campfire to go over logistics and have the presentations from the Natural History Team (Hell’s Kitchen! Horns up high, ’til we die!). From there, Abby and Jack sang their fantastic Field Quarter Song and several songs and stories followed. Many of the stories involved poop, strangely enough. People trickled to bed from there, until Gabriel and I were left tending the fire. Finally, we put out the fire and retired to our tents (or cars), eager to officially begin our trip to the Angelo Reserve.