27 April 2016: Adopt an Endemic

Cave dwellers

Author: Lily Urman

CA: Santa Barbara Co: NChI: Santa Cruz Island: Around the field station

Today was a more relaxed day at the base camp cabin, where we focused on observing island ecology and evolution on a small scale. It was called “Adopt an Endemic Day”! We spent the morning reviewing and discussing natural selection and evolution patterns, and were set free to find an endemic and “follow” it the rest of the day. Some people walked up the ridge and some explored the wash, but we all got the opportunity to REALLY observe an organism, think about how it got to the island, and how it’s different/diverged from the mainland. In the evening, Lyndal came to camp and shared some old photos of the islands to show how they have changed over the years. We all sit together and marvel in the beauty of this place, even though it has had many years of human influence and interference. It’s the perfect ending to a day spent contemplating the variation and transformation of life.