23 April 2016: Cascada

The fennel patch

Author: Gabriel Santana

CA: Santa Barbara Co: N Chi: Santa Cruz Island: Fennel Patch- Cascada

Today was calmer and more relaxed than yesterday. After breakfast we hiked about 100 yards east and stopped in front of the Natural History Field Quarter fennel plot to listen to presentations. We then began a 1 ½ mile naturalizing hike to a “secret spot”. We walked west and stopped to look at Eriogonum arborecene, the endemic buckwheat After a short hike we came across the oak hybrid Quercus xmcdonaldii. It was a cross between the Valley Oak and the Coastal Scrub Oak.


We walked along the wash for a while and finally come to the swimming hole : a dammed up waterfall called Cascada. The pool was about 45 feet by 15 feet and probably 10 feet deep with a variety of water plants and a soft green color. Amongst the rocks was a barn swallow nest and in the crevice was a pair of Pacific Chorus frogs mating! We stayed at the watering hole for a couple hours, then headed back just in time for dinner…