7 April 2016: Devil’s Playground

Devil’s playground wash

Author: Jeanette Shekelle

CA: San Bernardino Co: Mojave National Preserve: Devil’s Playground Wash

This morning we started off with 3 presentations. Mayra presented on the desert bighorn sheep. Morgan presented on the desert adaptations of the cactus wren. Danielle presented on the southwestern willow flycatcher. After that we all got in the vans and headed for cottonwood was where we took 20 minutes to observe and journal about the habitat of the wash. We then continued on the trailhead of Devil’s playground for lunch. After awhile a few of us stayed back to relax and key plants, and the others went on a hike to a view over the Kelso dunes.


We saw two tiny blue butterflies copulating on some buckwheat. Some people decided to stay back and watch this event which went on for an hour and a half.

At the top of the ridge, those who completed the hike were rewarded with seeing the endangered desert tortoise!!!!! After the hike we all headed back to the Norris cabin to key plants, play music, and eat. After dinner Pod gave a presentation on the sagebrush rebellion and then we shared nature notes.