10 April 2016: Free day!

Author: Edeli Reyes

CA: San Bernardino Co: Mojave National Preserve: UCNRS: Norris Cabin & surrounding area

Today was our last day here at the Mojave. We started the day with a very relaxing bird walk with Jack while the other instructors set up for the quiz. I saw, looked around and everyone seemed unworried about the quiz. I think we all just wanted to enjoy the last day as much as possible. We heard a “hooty hooo” in the distance and we started walking to the cabin to take the quiz. When the quiz was first announced everyone seemed very worried but then Aldo, a past student told us not to take it too serious and everyone including myself relaxed. The quiz was the funniest I have ever taken. My favorite question was the one that asked you to give the name to a new discovered species. After the quiz everyone was given the day off to do whatever they want. Some people decided to go up Snake spring, others went out of the reserve, and others climb to Abby’s cave. I simply wandered around everywhere. At some point I went back to the cabin to grab some snacks and Tasha came with her daughter to say good bye. Not many of us were there but it was nice seeing her one last time. After we all gathered for dinner it was time for nature notes. Almost everyone decide to share something. What I really enjoyed was the thoughtful, honest, and funny moments everyone shared. Also a relief that a lot of us were feeling about all the high expectations from past alumni. All these high expectations put a lots of pressure but I think after tonight we all relaxed more.