6 April 2016: Granite Cove

Tasha’s happy dog

Author: Pachamama DeLaTore

CA: San Bernardino Co: Mojave National Preserve: UCNRS: Granite Cove 

We started off by participating in Daniel’s presentation about the the Chemehuevi. We walked to a pictograph where he talked about their history and a little but of their current state in society. After that we quickly packed up camp and headed to Granite Cove to meet up with Tasha. We went into her backyard cave and looked at pictographs and petroglyphs. She talked about how no one really knows why these images were there, or when they got there. Afterwards, the group split up. Some folks walked on a trail at the base of granite peak. They saw bobcat scat! I stayed back and did some birding with my friends. Our group saw a thrasher!!!

photo cred: Eric Engles

Later in the evening we went to Kelso dunes and saw some herps, arachnids, rodents, and flowers. Awesome late night.