7 April 2015

7 April 2015: Ca: San Bern. Co: Mojave National Preserve: Sweeney

Granite Mountains: Norris Camp to Bunny Club
Today we were further introduced to the man who started it all, Ken Norris. We began by learning about desert plant adaptations. Then we met up with some Field Quarter alumni and journeyed to the Bunny Club together, naturalizing all the way there and applying our new knowledge about adaptations. When we stopped for lunch at Turtle rock some of the class ate in the shade and others, including Fred’s son Darwin, scaled the boulder and had lunch on the top of it. After lunch we took a detour off of the main road to some cottonwood trees and found a tiny pool of water about the size of a basketball. We then had our first glimpse of the amazingly unique Bunny Club. Once there, our elders shared stories about Ken and we could feel the energy and love that obviously still emanates from him and all the lives he has touched.