5 April 2015



5 April 2015: Ca: San Bern. Co: Mojave National Preserve: Sweeney Granite Mountains Reserve: Norris Camp

We began our adventure by getting introduced to the flora and the fauna of UC Reserve Granite Mountains. We split off into our individual “crawdads” (groups of 7), and each group spent a ½ day with our instructors Chris Lay, Fred Frick, Abby Edwards, or Kevin Condon. They introduced us to different aspects of the natural history in the area. We talked about the herps, the Chemi Huevii Native Americans, birds, and plants. During our time spent with the herps, one group saw a pair of Gambel’s Quails hopping around from rock to rock on the slope just above where the Norris Camp is located. It was the perfect way to spend an Easter morning.